Istvan Sady

Bamboo Remake

2015. 06. 17. 01:01 No comments

Yeah, an other drawing tablet... But now with some history!

Somehow I kept the files for on of my 5 years old project. It's nearly a miracle, I never thought I find them again, and I can create a new render nowadays. But I found it, so here's the result, with some changes in the composition, light setup and render settings.


As I remember, in 2010, that was my first render with VRay, and it took about 2 hours to render on my old Athlon XP with 2.2ghz in 1024x768. Now it was only 5 minutes on my 4770k, in fullHD with rendered depth of field! So, if there's no changes in my skills, there's some in the technology. :)

Oh, before I forget. You can check the old one in the Oldies gallery

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