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2016. 08. 02. 19:29 No comments

After a long time I finally made some visualizations. As a commercial project, these renders made for Pricons Kft ( The building will be in Telki, Hungary.


Beside the three images, you can check them in the gallery, I had to make floorplan renderings, but as a routine job, I will not share them here :)

Paper Cranes

2016. 02. 28. 22:55 No comments

On this weekend I have some free time, and because I didn't do any personal stuff I a while, and I'm also in the mood, I decided to create an image I planned for a while.

Here's the final result (and also in the gallery):


In the last time I didn't modeled anything complex, so it was a little bit confusing to create the crane in the way I wanted to (model every folding), but now I'm satisfied with the result. Hope you like it!

Winter Holiday

2015. 12. 29. 13:07 2 comments

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone!

After a short while, we made this page work, so this is the time for a short summary. This year for me mostly about work and work, and nothing public for my personal page.

Beside it I only have a small personal project, I already uploaded to the galler, the Around Pavilon


Actually, this was already done in the Summer, but I can share it here just now.

Normally I don't like to enhance my old images, but in this year I did it with some of my old renders. Some of these was only short tests with the new Corona Render engine, and an other is to test some new features of the Vray 3.0.

I hope in the upcoming year I'll have more time for my personal stuffs, and do some new renders for my own fun beside my fulltime job.

Whit these words I wish you a peaceful winter holiday!

Bamboo Remake

2015. 06. 17. 01:01 No comments

Yeah, an other drawing tablet... But now with some history!

Somehow I kept the files for on of my 5 years old project. It's nearly a miracle, I never thought I find them again, and I can create a new render nowadays. But I found it, so here's the result, with some changes in the composition, light setup and render settings.


As I remember, in 2010, that was my first render with VRay, and it took about 2 hours to render on my old Athlon XP with 2.2ghz in 1024x768. Now it was only 5 minutes on my 4770k, in fullHD with rendered depth of field! So, if there's no changes in my skills, there's some in the technology. :)

Oh, before I forget. You can check the old one in the Oldies gallery

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