Istvan Sady

Evermotion 2017

2018. 01. 29. 17:35 1 comment

Last week the Evermotion competition of 2017 was finished, with the topic of "The Perfect Gateway" in this year.

You can check the finalists here.

I also made an image in this year.


According to the rules I had to make some WIP images.


Here I tested the composition for the final image, the perspective I was looking for at the end. For this I set up the scatters at the background. I really like to create dense environments, so this was a fun part for me.


After I set the view I started to create the materials, before I made the foliage in the foreground. With this I can see the final colors and mood I wanted to achieve.


This was my last render. There aren't any post process on this image, so you can see the raw material that was the base for the final version.

Fun fact, I put myself next to the campfire as an Easter egg.

The whole project was made in 3ds Max, rendered with Corona render, and the post process was done in Photoshop.


2018. 08. 02. 01:18

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